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Being arrested can be a terrifying experience, whether or not it’s your first time, and regardless of how “minor” the charges against you are – any criminal charge is very serious, and has the potential to completely derail your life plans. If you don’t have an aggressive criminal defense lawyer on your side, you risk losing everything that you hold dear. The Law Offices of Chris Thompson can help you navigate this overwhelming process and get the best possible outcome. Call right away to schedule a free consultation and discover your options.

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Depending on what the charges against you are and what they are related to – a DUI, theft, assault, domestic violence, drugs, white-collar crime, or something else – you could face a variety of criminal consequences if convicted. You may have to serve jail time, whether that be for a few months or a few years or longer. You may lose your license and driving privileges. You may have to log mandatory volunteer service hours, or pay expensive fines. You may lose your job and have difficulty finding employment in the future. You may get evicted, and find difficulty qualifying for housing in the future. Your reputation and permanent record will be marred, and your relationships will be negatively affected; you could even lose custody rights.

When your entire future is on the line, you deserve the help of an excellent local criminal defense lawyer who can help you understand the charges, tell you what to expect, and fight conviction. Chris Thompson has 8 years of experience helping his clients get their charges either significantly reduced or dismissed entirely. He can investigate your arrest and gather all of the supporting evidence you need to build a winning defense. You can trust him to take care of everything for you; his knowledge will set your mind at ease, and having his advice will make a difference.

Responding to any criminal charge, even if it is a misdemeanor, is time-sensitive. The sooner you enlist quality representation, the better. Don’t wait – call The Law Offices of Chris Thompson today to schedule a free consultation!

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Chris really helped us to understand how the estate planning process works. We feel very confident that we and our kids are taken care of and that everything that is supposed to happen with our assets will happen. Chris took all of the stress out of the process. I would recommend anyone work with Chris, even those who already have estate plans in place. Not all estate plans are equal.


Chris has been extremely helpful! His experience and knowledge have made life better and the process we are working through more comfortable.


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