How To Find A Good Divorce Lawyer In Tennessee

Feb 23, 2023 | Divorce

Getting divorced is one of the toughest life transitions you will ever have to navigate – this is true emotionally, financially, and legally! Who you choose to represent you in your divorce matters, because the outcome of your divorce will determine what your life looks like for years to come. 

It will determine your ability to thrive in terms of how you can provide monetarily for yourself and your children; it will determine what your relationship with your children will look like, and your ability to parent them according to your values; it will determine your living situation, your extended family and friend relationships, and other aspects of your day-to-day! 

You deserve a fair resolution. Particularly if your case is complicated, contentious, or involves custody matters, it’s important to have a good divorce lawyer in Tennessee on your side who can guide you through the process and advocate for your rights. But choosing a divorce lawyer is not always easy. There are hundreds of divorce firms in the state, and no one advertises that they aren’t a great attorney. Here are some ways to ensure that you find a good divorce lawyer who you can trust to get you the best results. 

Look For A Lawyer In Your Area

With the ability of nearly everyone to serve clients virtually via Zoom, email, or phone call these days, you may not think it’s as important to find an attorney that’s physically nearby. However, while some lawyers can offer a certain level of service to anyone living anywhere in the state of Tennessee, if you need to attend an in-person court hearing or mediation, you need a lawyer who will be able to show up and represent you there. A lawyer who practices in your county is also familiar with the court system, judges, and other attorneys there, and may have built relationships and connections that may prove to give you an advantage in your case.

Look For A Lawyer With Great Reviews

A good divorce lawyer in Tennessee will have previous clients who have had excellent experiences with them, and who will be sharing that experience with others! Whether these reviews are on Google, Facebook, or their own website, or whether the attorney can connect you with client references who can share their reviews with you, ensure that the attorney comes well recommended. If you knew someone who worked with this attorney, contact them directly to ask questions and learn what they thought about the attorney’s skill and customer service. 

Look For A Lawyer With Experience

Experience is probably one of the most important factors on this list. Everyone has to start somewhere, but a lawyer who is fresh out of law school and who has not yet handled many divorces may not have the real-world knowledge to be able to handle yours with confidence. They may not have the resources, connections, or knowledge to be able to address complex issues that may arise during the course of proceedings. That’s why it is in your best interests to work with a lawyer who at least has 5 or more years of experience under their belt; generally, the more experience the better. 

Look For A Lawyer Who Prioritizes Collaboration

Some lawyers, especially those who bill by the hour, will not go out of their way to avoid or resolve conflict in a heated divorce, or will even instigate it unecessarily. They benefit from drawn-out legal battles – but they are the only ones who do! Good divorce lawyers realize that the solutions that give their clients the most amount of control over the outcome and that are easiest on their clients and their children are those that are reached in cooperation with the other spouse, not those that are decided by a judge who doesn’t know the family’s history or dynamics. You should find a lawyer who does everything possible to keep relations amicable (and you can ask them what their process and goals are like to get a better sense as to whether or not this is true for firms you are considering hiring). 

Look For A Lawyer Who Is Comfortable In Court

While collaborative resolutions are the kind that should be valued most highly, sometimes they are not always possible. If your spouse is violent, or is unwilling to act reasonably, you want to make sure you have a Tennessee divorce lawyer who isn’t afraid to aggressively defend your rights and interests in a courtroom. Some lawyers are not willing to do more than paperwork and negotiations for their clients, so speak with lawyers you are potentially considering to find out what they are willing to do for you. 

Look For A Lawyer You Like!

Depending on how complex your unique divorce case is, you could be communicating with your lawyer for months or even years. As mentioned above, you will be sharing many personal details and emotional times with this attorney as you navigate the way forward; you will be working closely with them, so you should make sure that you feel comfortable around them, that you trust them, and that they truly care about you and your family. If a lawyer seems cold and uncompassionate, or doesn’t communicate well, they are probably not the lawyer for you!

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