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Trying to find the right custody arrangement for your family may just be the hardest thing you ever have to do, but the good news is that you don’t have to do it alone. At The Law Office of Chris Thompson, we’re here to protect your parental rights and your relationship with your children while helping you achieve the best resolution – one that will lay a strong foundation for your family for years to come! You can trust our compassionate Murfreesboro custody lawyer for quality representation. Call our firm today to schedule a free consultation and discover more about your legal options!

Things To Know About Custody In Tennessee

Tennessee law recognizes how important it is for both parents to be in the children’s lives as much as possible and is reasonable. This means that it is going to be to your benefit, and your children’s benefit, for you to work collaboratively and amicably with their other parent to determine a parenting plan that makes sense for your family’s needs! If you cannot settle the big issues about custody, a judge may order mediation or alternative dispute resolution, but if that doesn’t yield the desired results, a family court may end up making the final calls. However, a judge is a stranger to your history and family dynamics; the best calls about your children are made by you! 

There are many things that you and the other parent will need to decide. Tennessee divides custody into the day-to-day responsibilities of caring for the childred, sometimes referred to as “physical custody”, and the authority to make decisions about the child’s welfare, sometimes referred to as “legal” custody. Both of these responsibilities may be shared equally or as equally as possible, or one parent may have primary custody in one category and one in the other, or one parent may have primary custody in one category and both parents share equal responsibility in the other category. Some of the determinations that need to be made may include:

  • Who the children will live with
  • Who the children will spend holidays and other important occasions with
  • Who will pay for the children’s needs
  • Where the children will be educated and how
  • What religious upbringing the children will have
  • What the children’s relationship/time with extended family members will be like
  • What extracirriculars the children will participate in 
  • What healthcare the children will recieve 
  • And more. 

Why You Need A Murfreesboro Custody Lawyer On Your Side

Nothing matters more to us than our children, which is why custody can be such an emotional and contentious journey. You may be feeling devastated at the prospect of losing any time or influence with your children. You may feel stressed out about the decisions that need to be made, angry with the situation or at the other parent, worried about single parenting and about your finances. All of this is completely understandable, but it can prevent you from being able to see clearly and make strategic decisions that will lead to the best outcome. 

That’s why working with a local custody attorney you trust is so important. A lawyer can explain all of your options, listen to you, answer your questions, and empower you to lead the way forward for your family. They can bring clarity to a confusing time and prevent you from making common mistakes; they can save you time and money, and give you invaluable peace of mind! If you need to fight for your rights and your children, they can aggressively represent you in court. 

How The Law Office Of Chris Thompson Can Help

Our firm’s lead Murfreesboro custody lawyer, Attorney Chris Thompson, has been helping Tennesseans navigate custody and other family law matters for nearly a decade. His experience and extensive legal knowledge will make a difference! Regardless of how challenging your circumstances may seem, we will do everything in our power to ensure a smooth, efficient process. Call us today to book your free consultation and learn more about your next steps!

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Chris really helped us to understand how the estate planning process works. We feel very confident that we and our kids are taken care of and that everything that is supposed to happen with our assets will happen. Chris took all of the stress out of the process. I would recommend anyone work with Chris, even those who already have estate plans in place. Not all estate plans are equal.


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